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NEW! mini SamTimer TM  shown with standard square buttons.

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at a larger size.

NEW! mini SamTimer TM  shown with standard square buttons.
Shown with Multi case, (sold separately)


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mini SamTimer

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Select clock color and buttons:

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mini SamTimer   

Mini SamTimer is here! MST. New button colors!!

It is NOT the Pocket SamTimer, which is a "budget" model. Think of PST as "Pocketbook" SamTimer. Mini is a higher end model.

Mini SamTimer features

  • Available in Mini SamTimer Touch™ version!
  • Comes in original beige, goldfinch, black and red.
  • Smallest digital game clock.
    approx. 6.4" w x 2.7" d x 2" h
    16 cm x 6.8 cm x 5 cm
  • Lightweight - twelve ounces!!
  • MST maintains the same features that have made the original SamTimer the world leader since the early 1990's:
    • Convenient easy-to-read 45 degree slant
    • Bright, viewer-friendly, thick 1" digits
    • Sturdy Aluminum construction
    • Amazing 5 year warranty (industry first)
  • 25:00 25:00 default comes on brightly at the light press of the center button
  • Simply press the center button to pause the clock
  • Just as with the SamTimer, press the center button 5 times to "reset" to next game.
  • Various "default" start options: 22 minutes, 23, 30 (for partner games), 15 etc.
  • You can set left dial minutes and seconds different from right dial (for handicapped games). Example: Gail can set her side to zero minutes, 55 seconds while giving John 15 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • In addition, numerous programmable options, which can be "saved"
  • Auto shut-off to conserve battery. If no button is pressed for a couple of hours, MST will go to sleep
  • Low-Battery alert: when the remarkably bright display starts to get progressively less bright, you still have a couple of more games of battery life left, but it will be prudent to change batteries at the end of the current game.
  • Clock Button Options


    Button Color Options

    Standard (w/square red and green buttons)

    Mini SamTimer Touch™ (round metallic, easy touch buttons).
    Learn more about the ST Touch™ buttons.

    Also available with the following square buttons:

      Out of Stock
    • Yellow
    • Black
    • Violet - new!
    • Pink - new!

    NEW! Our standard square buttons are now available for separate purchase! Accessorize!
    Learn more.....

  • Be sure to order a case for your MST. Our standard cases compress to fit the MST snugly.

Now hold on to your chair and write the following info down. This is the kind of info which a top player will JOT down twice! ;)

$10 Discount for any Scrabble® Club Director, seniors better than 65, full-time students, or if you belong to cgp, uk-scrabble, ospd-scrabble, caspa, or nz-scrabble! ....
plus $9.99 priority shipping in the US/Canada,
$34.99 airmail elsewhere. (Please use our INTERNATIONAL ORDER PAGE for orders shipping outside US/Canada.) Mini SamTimer in Red

  • MINImalist's dream
    • Two dials joined like siamese twins at the center to save space. With more and more Thai players entering our subculture, we feel like this is the wave of the future.
    • Only one Light Emitting Diode, LED, that toggles between Red and Green luminescence. Red means left dial is running. Green light means it is the move of the person to the right.
      (Famous SCRABBLE club director from Las Vegas, Gerry Greenside will select the Green side of course. Please use the Schonbrun courtesy rule before playing Lester and let him have the Red side. Did I mention the Red button is on the LEFT?)
      The use of a small, single LED display drastically cuts down on power consumption. This will lead to even less frequent battery change in a product well known for its being a power miser: the SamTimer.
  • User-friendly displays
    • H indicates Hold time 20 second duration.
    • Cd means Courtesy Draw
    • The middle digit will increment one every 10 seconds during each move. So if it says 2, (and H just disappeared) you have spent 20 seconds, and can no longer say "hold!". Cd will come on there soon after the display turns 12. (The one minute courtesy rule) Cd will stay on for about half a minute, to signal the drawing of "courtesy tiles" which will have to be kept separately. If the center display is 60, you have just spent 10 minutes on your current move. When the display goes to 99, (you have spent nearly seventeen minutes) it will sit there at 99. Be forewarned though, an arm will telescope out and either:
      (a) hit you upside of your head for your glacial speed of playing, or,
      (b) unfurl a large SamTimer.com banner
    • These options at the center of the clock can be turned off if you don't need them.
  • Thick, clear digits, easy to read even from a distance, and especially at an angle! Unparalleled clarity.
  • Even shows Seconds of overtime, with a minus sign: No ambiguity in determining, for example, if one is one minute or two minutes overtime, for determining Scrabble® overtime penalty. A godsend for tournament directors!
  • Boggle® mode is a bonus for Wordgame lovers, with programmable alarms.
  • Mini SamTimer™ can also be set easily to time:
    Chess (tournament)
    Blitz Chess

Did I mention Mini and Pocket SamTimers are two totally different products? Mini is a higher-end deluxe product!




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