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  About our ST Touch buttons.........

Introducing the "Mini SamTimer Touch™" and "SamTimer Touch™". These two great clocks are available with a round metallic, easy-touch button.

The "Touch™" Advantages

  • A boon to people with arthritic hands or fingers......
  • The player buttons are activated by a light "feather" touch by your finger.
  • Might also be helpful for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Will come in handy for people recovering from accidents and undergoing hand therapy (like myself, after the horrific car crash a couple of years back).
  • The clock cannot be accidentally started by neighbor's tile-bag or paperwork.
  • The clock still has all the standard advantages of the SamTimer™ or Mini SamTimer™ as the case may be.

To order the SamTimer Touch™ or Mini SamTimer Touch™ begin to order the clock as usual and select the "SamTimer Touch™" or"Mini SamTimer Touch™" option in the pull down menu.



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Attractive discounts for multiple purchases of the same product or a combo (like rug + clock) are available! Please email sam@samtimer.com or call +1-916 390 5000.





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