SmoothTiles Contests



I arranged the names of some of my favorite people in scrabbledom. When I came back to my board, someone had made a 10x10 grid of those tiles!

That grid is shown on the first page of the contest file you can download below.

Can you unscramble the grid by dragging and dropping tiles into the gray slots provided below it to recreate those names? NOTE: If you can't drag and drop, cut (not copy) and paste the tiles.* Yes the total number of tiles should add up to exactly 100.

You must specify what the blanks are!!

Please do not spoil it for others by sending the answers to the group.

Please email me your msword file containing the answers. The first correct entry, with the intended list of names arranged using SmoothTiles letters, to reach my email will receive a lovely prize.



  2. Move the tile pieces around to solve the puzzle *
  3. Email completed file to Sam Kantimathi

*The tiles can be picked, dragged and dropped if you have a recent version of MSWord. If not, you could download an update from microsoft.




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