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 NEW! SamBoard

NEW! SamBoard

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SamBoard 2

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Introducing SamBoard2 - Currently Only in Wood

Buy any board and a free set of our SamTiles™ (NEW) will be added to your shipment. Please specify the color you would prefer in your check out notes!
Limited time offer.

Protect and transport
your boards!

You may call it SamBoard ”two” or SamBoardSQUARED, because after all, it is a square board!

Available in wood or clear acrylic with either yellow or green playing surface.

Extremely limited quantities. First come, first served.

    • the new 3rd generation SamBoards have a proprietary ZERO REFLECTION surface! Rave reviews! Absolutely no glare at all!
    • beautiful!
    • will fit inside many varieties of airline carry-on bags!
    • takes up less space in crowded club sessions
    • much easier to store several boards in narrower club lockers
    • weighs only about two pounds (wood)
    • approximately 35 cm x 36 cm (13.5” x 14.5”)
    • wooden board has a sensuously smooth natural wood feel underside and is rounded in more ways than one - the edge (circumference) is pleasantly rounded also!
    • ultra-quiet strong bearing rotates and stops easily
    • grids will hold the tiles securely — they won't slide off like in many other boards
    • will have A-O, 1-15 markings on all four sides for easy annotation
    • will not have any other company info or website, email, phone# ... ANYWHERE on the board!!
    • fits every tile made anywhere! Protiles TM, SamTiles TM, International Protiles TM, SamTiles Universal (STU) TM, British tiles, ...
    • so pretty you can eat off of these boards!
    • These are carefully crafted and not mass produced
    • We are only interested in serving a few hardcore tourney and club players. Strictly first pay, first served.

Now we offer three choices of products to protect and transport your round boards!...


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